Friday, January 2, 2009

Crab Cakes, Stuffed Mushrooms and Mental Retardation (and Lesprosy)

So, since my primary role here is to tell you what I ate for dinner, I must report the ongoing quest my wife and I have to find the best recipes for crab cakes and stuffed mushrooms while living on a graduate student budget.

To put it briefly, crab cakes are a beast of a thing to make well and portabello mushrooms vastly improve the flavor of a stuffed fungi over an ordinary one. I find that a cold Miller High Life brings out the best in a rich, fried crustacean and a chilly, light and not-too-sweet Riesling offers a great pairing for darker-flavored, baked fungus caps. You can have all this fun for well under $20, total.

On a completely unrelated note, I've been thinking about Adam's amusing introduction that ended in the choice words: "fucking retarded." While this may seem blatantly offensive to some, I think it could stand to be cooked a bit longer.

I mean, the very idea of retardation adding a degree of insanity into what, on its own, is merely profane -- would make a French guy (who has no religious system to speak of) I like to read a lot chuckle. So, to all those who are enticed by this opening line: "At the end of the Middle Ages, leprosy dissapeared from the Western world." Or, if you think it might be neat to read a philosophical geneology of madness, then, take a peak at Michel Foucault's, Madness and Civilazation which bears the pithy subtitle, A History of Madness in the Age of Reason.

Besides name (not to mention, book) dropping, I think that Adam's statement more correctly reveals antipathy toward the "fucking retarded" than towards the transcendent. That is to say that Adam (and, perhaps, Ian as well) seems to reject the "spooky stuff" because it makes no sense. This notion of sensibility, however, born by the Enlightenment and incarnate as science, seems to be just as, well, fucking retarded at times too. So he (and perhaps Ian) might want to stop the name-calling and do some name and book dropping of their own.


brogonzo said...

I suppose Pandora's Box had to be opened at some point. You really want to have this discussion?

Also -- when have I resorted to name-calling, other than suggesting that CIA operatives have a history of "dirtiness"?

samrocha said...

I said "perhaps". My beef is really with Adam... if you can call it beef. I am just pointing some things out.

brogonzo said...

I have heard that my aunt, who lives in Nova Scotia, has a great recipe for crab cakes. I'll see if I can get it.

On to your next point, which seems to be that making sense doesn't always make sense. In that case, I have these words for you: Moogip, fambersham, wibbledybibbledy, and shim.

samrocha said...

They are all phonetically readable to me. What's your point? I am sure I will see above. Tell your aunt I would be most grateful.

brogonzo said...

What, I need a point? I thought "making sense" was fucking retarded.

Rocco said...

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Coincidentally it calls for crab so you can have your crab cakes and eat your mushrooms too.