Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh Sam, you're just so special!

No I'm not.

I mean, that's not what you mean. You mean I am weird or odd or maybe downright stupid and out of touch with reality. You say 'special' but you mean other words that you would rather not say to me. You are deodorizing the meaning of your other words and relying on the private meaning they have to us here (culturally, regionally, personally), how you inflect your voice, and what the context is to convey the meaning. But you do not mean that I am really special. You mean something else. Right?

So here is my suggestion: If you like to say things that are not what you mean, then, go ahead; but don't think--even for a second--that the meaning of the words go away. It's there, all the time. Now, I imagine you will get away with saying things you don't mean and many people will forget about the meaning of your language, but, when people happen to remember, you must admit to them what you are doing. Otherwise, you are tricking yourself.

So, by the way, what do you think about socialism? Are you pro-life?

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Anonymous said...

But Sam, I don't think you are special, or anyone else for that matter, including my self.


Hope all is well dude and you are having a good quarter.