Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some Poetry for a Snowy Day

Classes are canceled and I am revising a paper, so, in the meantime, here are three poems I wrote this past year.


Aliens come and go,
In time and space they wander.
Aliens say hello,
Yet too much time they squander.

For by the time of greeting,
The alien is no more.
The alien face is fleeting,
Like the sandcastle on the shore.

And while the alien wishes,
For just a while longer,
It must be washed like soiled dishes,
Before it grows any stronger.

Baby Eyes

Baby eyes don't see that well,
At least that's what experts say.
Baby arms aren't all that strong,
Baby heads loosely bob and sway.

Baby teeth don't exist quite yet,
And baby legs can't stand alone.
Baby hearts beat ever so softly,
And baby words say the unknown.

Baby is the one that needs me,
Baby is so helpless thus it seems.
When really I'm the helpless one,
Wishing for my baby's dreams.

The dream of complete surrender,
The silent radiance of peace.
The dream of conscious thoughtlessness,
The moment of complete release.

While baby's eyes don't see that well,
They see more than I for sure.
For in my baby's blindness,
Lies an answer and a cure.

To Be Original?

To be original.
To be the same.
To be different.
All along the way.

Too much madness.
Too much sense.
Too much normal.
Sing an older hymn instead.

Why not listen?
Why not whisper?
Why not linger?
All along the way.


brogonzo said...

I'll say this, Sam -- I hate all poetry, not just yours.

samrocha said...

At least you're consistent. I love poetry, even the stuff that is hard to figure out if it is 'poetry' or just random stuff in columns.