Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Belated Introduction

Hello, all. I've already written one blog entry on the crisis of science, mostly in response to other discussions already going on here, and never got the chance to introduce myself and where I'm coming from intellectually and otherwise.

I am a Ph.D. philosophy student at the New School for Social Research trying to specialize in ethics, but for the purposes of my writings here, that's probably entirely beside the point. My writing tends to range from the philosophical to the theological, being not only intellectually Catholic but religiously so as well, and every so often to the political, although my distaste for politics and political debate compels me to do this only in the most extreme instances where holding my tongue is no longer possible for me. That being said, I am very upfront with that element of my writing and my thought that is the most contradictory and perhaps the most urgent: I am a philosopher with a hatred of philosophy, a future professor with contempt for the Ivory Tower of Academia, and an intellectual who would like nothing better than to leave the intellectual life behind to get down to more important and urgent matters.

In either case, I hope I can keep things interesting here at any rate and pass on what ever insight or wisdom I may have acquired along the road. But my hope is not to spark more questions or a deeper thirst for knowledge so much as to promote action, a vital and dynamic embrace of life, and a care and concern for not just thinking but doing what is right.

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