Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What's going on here?

As you can see on the side bar, RIMATARA is slowly growing into a blog by committee. You might wonder what, exactly, you should expect to go on here. The answer is quite simple: I don't know.

I invited some of my brightest friends who already seem to be writing on their own (some of them have their own personal blogs) to join me here and do as they wish. By the way, there are still a few more on their way (friends that is).

The only suppressed expectation I seem to have, is that the quality and breadth (which I find very impressive) of their abilities will provide more than yet another simplistic regurgitation of the daily news or updates on what one had for supper. Those subjects, of course, will be left to me.

As far as a theme goes, this blog has none. I am sure that from time to time themes will emerge and polemics may arise, but none of it will be predetermined in any formal kind of way. For my tastes, this seems like a recipe for great success or horrible disaster. I am obviously hoping for the former.

Very soon, I would expect that we will stop the introductory mumblings and start writing "real stuff" for you, but, for now, I find the anticipatory, "non-real" fanfare quite fun on its own.

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