Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the girl speaks...

hi. i'm rachel. sam is a friend i appropriated from my little brother. sam is possibly one of my favorite appropriated friends, mostly because he loves the Baby Jesus, is smart, and puts up with my drivel.

i'll be posting from time to time about what i'm thinking about...from the Random to the Real. i like brussels sprouts, jaques lacan and jean boudrillard and paulo coehlo, ts eliot, chocolate, tex-mex food, the san antonio spurs, liberation theology, the art work of marc chagall, lyrically driven music, literate poetry, the tuna anthology of plays, chasing my three year old nephew across the state and backyard, cold mountain (the book and the movie), jack white's voice, heavy bass lines, going new places to see old friends, string theory, parallell universes, and living in south texas. oh, and i talk on the phone A LOT.

i'm working on my memoirs, which i've organized around odd bits of bathroom graffiti i've run across over the years. i know...totally bizarre. that's my real job. but momma have to make the bacon, so she can keep making mortgage payments on the barbie townhouse and the blue vw bug with the convertible top, so i'm a slave to the Baby Jesus, at an Episcopal church, where i am the lay pastoral care coordinator ( i do hospital visits, home communions, social service referrals, and "other duties as assigned".)...i am never bored, and only rarely suprised.

that's about it...for the moment.

mil besos,

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