Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Should Get Interesting

What? No theme, no guidelines, no carefully laid out structure. What sort of mess have we gotten into?

By way of introduction, I confess, I am a friend of Sam's. We met during our M.A. programs and supported each other intellectually as we were forced into classes with non-thinking colleagues. My name is Katie and I fear I will be representing a centrist view here on the blog. Sometimes I'm rather liberal and on other issues I seem like an odd-ball conservative. I defy any socially-constructed labels of any sort.

I look forward to all topics including religion, politics, cultural critique, as well as other areas that we are supposed to avoid in polite conversation or on a first date. 

About me: I now work for the online division of a career college. I work for a corporation and a place of higher learning all at the same time. A very odd combination. I'm also Eastern Orthodox and Scandinavian. This means I am the only white person when I go to church. I eat my vegetables and believe in community supported agriculture. I've traveled quite a bit for my (relatively) youngish age; once in a while I get the travel bug, and move. 

Can't wait to start the discussions...  

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